RM FORUM is targeted to technical directors (of companies in the automotive, aviation, technical components, transport, medical, racing, electrical and electronics, home appliances, furniture), designers, design and engineering studios, business leaders of service, mold makers, business owners and managers of the companies that are interested in introducing these technologies in their production organization.
The topics will address the different aspects of this field. 
We’ll discuss:
- State of the art of Additive Manufacturing (AM)
- The design for the AM
- The materials for the AM
- The software for production management
- The certificates to guarantee the production
- Cost analysis in the use of technologies AM
- Experience in Service Companies who provide a service of AM
- The evidence of major companies that have introduced the AM technologies in their production lines.
The Conference/Exhibition format is in line with two trendy adjectives:’ open’ and ‘interconnected’

The event is divide into:
- Seminar, which will give voice to the relations presented by technicians of the supply chain, service providers, reference and opinion leaders from major companies.

- Exhibition Area, booth space for one-on-one meetings with suppliers of materials, equipment and technologies.
Exhibiting companies from the following sectors:
- Design Tools (software, scanner, ..)
- Technologies (Sintering, Stereolithography, Polyjet,
FDM, EBM, ..)
- Materials (plastic resins, metal powders, ..)
- Finishing

                                                                                                              RM FORUM  FORMAT IS:OPEN’ AND ‘INTERCONNECTED’

Possibility for participants to visit
the Museum at the end of the conference

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