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Valeria Tirelli is the CEO of Aidro Hydraulics & 3D Printing, an Italian family-owned company that is excelling for the introduction of additive manufacturing in Fluid Power applications. She manages with enthusiasm the enterprise founded by her father almost 40 years ago, carrying the company towards the innovations of industry 4.0. After investing in a new in-house AM department with metal 3D printers (LPBF), Valeria and the Aidro AM Team design and create customized parts, lightweight solutions and new products. Valeria is promoting the adoption of additive manufacturing in various industries, participating as speaker in the main AM events and as member of groups for the definition of standards and guidelines for the adoption of additive technologies in the Oil&Gas sector.

Greta is a multidisciplinary engineer with 8+ years of experience in Additive Manufacturing. Since her first encouner with a 3D printer in 2010, she has collaborated with several designers, got a PhD in AM in 2016, trained hundreds of engineers and helped numerous companies developing AM related strategies. Over the years, she has built more 3D printers than she can count, including a food printer for molecular cooking in collaboration with MIT. She works now as Head of Technology at AMEXCI, a small Swedish company focusing on AM, where she is driving the R&D efforts and developing AM specific education programs for designers, engineers and managers.  

As Managing Director, Stefanie Brickwede (born 1972) established the internationally leading neutral network "Mobility goes Additives" to help 3D printing technology achieve a breakthrough in the mobility sector and beyond. As a recognized expert in additive manufacturing, she is a sought-after speaker on this topic. Since mid-2015, she has also been a passionate leader of the group project 3D Printing at Deutsche Bahn AG and is responsible for the successful introduction of additive manufacturing throughout the group. With more than 7,000 parts and 120 applications, Deutsche Bahn has since become the leading user of 3D printed spare parts. After graduating as an economist from the Technical University of Hanover, she started her career in the mobility sector as a trainee and later held various management and project management positions at Europe’s biggest railway Deutsche Bahn AG.
With her family she lives in Berlin after some foreign countries detours.

Vanna Menco is the CEO of Prosilas, an Additive Manufacturing company founded by her father in 2003. 
Join the company in 2007 and - thanks to having carried out various tasks - she has been able over time to know all the business processes, from 3D CAD and management of SLS processes up to the administration. She became General Manager in 2017, devoting himself to structuring the company and to strengthening of existing activities. 
Now that Prosilas is one of the largest SLS centers in Europe, Vanna plays the role of driving the company towards new goals; one of these is to complete the Equity Crowdfunding campaign, started on 06/20/19, which aims to raise capital to perform the operations of further expansion and research.

Barbara PRETI, HR Director, AVIO AERO 

Roberta Sampieri is a Manager of FCA EMEA Product Development and joined the company in 2007.
Eng. Sampieri is the Responsible for ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING & INNOVATION Dept. leading activities to realize prototype parts and Design for AM studies with Universities and FCA Product Development designers.  Before joining Product Development Dept., she worked within Manufacturing Dept. as Stamping Quality Specialist and Energy Management Specialist.
Relevant Work:
• 4 years as Responsible for the ISO 50001 certification of all EMEA Manufacturing Plants, developing and implementing strategies and policies to reduce energy consumption following EU directives on
energy performance and emissions
• 5 years experience in World Class Manufacturing methodology, being Early Equipment/Product Management and Energy Pillar Leader since 2012 ;

Elisa Salatin completed her master’s degree in Condensed Matter Physics in 2015 at Università degli Studi di Trieste and in the same year joined Limacorporate as an Additive Manufacturing Engineer, dealing with 3D printing process studies and optimization. Elisa is currently a Research & Innovation Engineer at Lima Corporate, where she coordinates research projects focused on 3D printing technologies, involving industrial and academic partners from all over the world. His research interests are related to the scouting and development of new Additive Manufacturing processes to be integrated in the company environment, to give the R&D team innovative instruments for orthopaedic prostheses development.

Amanda Schrand - Fuzes Branch Munitions Directorate
Air Force Research Laboratory

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