‘Women in RM FORUM Additive Manufacturing’ talk&drink is a project that aims at highlighting the added value of women working in Additive Manufacturing, a technology to which, in the past seven years, we have been dedicating the Conference/Exhibition RM FORUM ‘Additive Manufacturing’.


‘Women in RM FORUM Additive Manufacturing’ talk&drink, will be a networking event: at the Alfa Romeo Museum (Arese, Milan), September 11th at 6 PM, at the end of the first day of the RM FORUM Convention, the spotlight will be turned on a female panel that will offer the opportunity to discuss about women’s experiences, work, commitment and contribution to AM.


Jobs in the STEM domain are undoubtedly a male prerogative, and in the field of AM, women are even more the exception. UN data released during the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is alarming, but something is beginning to change: there are initiatives- by Associations, Schools and Universities, Institutions and Private Bodies- to promote women’s empowerment, to highlight the importance of making them approach STEM disciplines so that in the future there will be women trained for new jobs and professions, especially at the dawning of the 4.0 revolution.

Thus, what is needed is information, promoting a culture of #diversity and #inclusion both at school as in companies. Diversity and inclusion represent of growth value for innovation: discussing, sharing, summoning of expertise because, as the French philosopher Pierre Lévy said, “The totality of knowledge lies in humanity, hence the world’s experience coincides with what people share, through their diversity.


We believe that change is a long process that requires the contribution of ‘many’. RM FORUM represents a precious channel to spread such principles, helping to disrupt gender stereotypes and inequalities.


We wish to assign to RM FORUM ‘Women in AM’ a strong message whose goal is to accomplish positive actions aimed at encouraging cultural transformation at a corporate level in order to implement policies of inclusion and participation as a way to increase competitiveness for the industry and for our country.


The invitation is open to all because an event that promotes #inclusion can only be based on this formula!


And at the end of the talk….a fizzy drink for you all!

Free registration at WOMEN IN RM FORUM AM allows you to take part in the talk and aperitif at 18:00 on 11th September 2019. 

It is not possible with this free registration to participate in the RM FORUM Convention, which includes an entry fee at the link: 


Conversely, registering for the Covegno RM FORUM allows free participation in the WOMEN talk in RM FORUM AM

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